Writing a retirement letter to clients

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Writing a retirement letter to clients

In the not so distant past, people worked until they were 65 and then retired. Everyone knew when their colleagues would retire and when they themselves would retire.

The retiree may have informed his or her employer or human resource department, but they may also want to personally inform any clients with whom they have developed a good working relationship.

When a person is planning to retire and he or she would like to inform their clients that they will not be working with them in the future, they need to write a formal retirement letter even if they have discussed the situation in person or over the phone.

The letter will clearly state the date the retirement will start, express the desire to help with the transition and thank them for a positive working relationship. Clients need to feel confident that they are well taken care of by the company, so they need a guarantee of a smooth transition from one contact to another.

writing a retirement letter to clients

It may mention the person who will replace the retiree in the working relationship with the client. It can also give some personal information, but should maintain a professional tone. It should give the fact that the sender is retiring and the date it is effective.

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The second paragraph may express gratitude for the good working relationship the retiree had with a client. The retiree may add that he or she appreciated the professionalism of the client. The third paragraph may contain the reason the person is retiring, or it may just state that they are looking forward to leisure time and give some details about their future plans.

If possible, the retiree can introduce the person who will replace him or her in the business relationship. If an in-person introduction is not possible, the retiree can give the phone number and email address of the replacement. The letter may close with an expression of the desire to help in any way to make the transition smooth for the client.

Second-Act Career If the retiree is planning to have what is called a second-act career, it may be to his or her advantage to maintain the relationship with their clients. If this is the case, the letter should not be a final good-by, but should leave the door open for further communication.

This clearly sends the message that the retirement is not the end of their working life. Below is a sample retirement letter to a client. If there is more than one client the retiree wants to inform, he or she should write a personal letter to each one.Like these retirement letter samples, your letter will include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

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At the time of retirement, send this letter to your clients to maintain good relations. The letter has been written by an employee who is going to . A retirement letter to clients is the professional way to end the working relationship.

Help make clients comfortable with the change by notifying them in advance of the change and your specific plans to make the transition a smooth one.

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