Writers write about their lives

We often assume that great things are done by those who were blessed with natural talent, genius, and skill. But how many great things could have been done by people who never fully realized their potential? I think many of us, myself included, are capable of much more than we typically produce — our best work is often still hiding inside of us.

Writers write about their lives

writers write about their lives

But this becomes exponentially harder to do when novelists decide to write themselves into their fiction, breaking the trance and reminding everyone there is no magic in the world.

Here are seven examples where fictional characters literally met their maker.

writers write about their lives

Stephen King The prolific King considers the eight-volume Dark Tower series his magnum opus, with many of his other novels referencing characters or situations from the fantasy saga. In issue 25, Morrison appears as himself to engage in a dialogue with the hero, apologizing for what he perceives to be a lackluster job of writing his exploits.

Often, Pitt receives assistance from an older gentleman named Clive Cussler who offers equipment, advice, or clues.

In the text, Maugham sits down with him to act as an advisor on matters of spirituality; the conversation takes up an entire chapter, the result of Maugham traveling to India several years prior and becoming interested in meditative philosophy. Douglas Coupland Having labeled an entire cultural divide with his breakout novel, Generation X, Coupland went on to establish a reputation as an explorer of humanity in a technologically-obsessed society.

Philip Roth Pulitzer Prize winner Roth, 81, has often used his work to explore how intertwined the author becomes with his prose. The real Roth and one of the fictional doubles both suffered a post-operative nervous breakdown as a result of a bad reaction to a sedative; Roth told press, tongue likely in cheek, that the book was not a work of fiction but that it was in his best interests to say so.

All images courtesy of Getty Images.A writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas. Writers produce various forms of literary art and creative writing such as novels, short stories, poetry, plays, screenplays, and essays as well as various reports and news articles that may be of interest to the public.

Writers' texts are published across a range of media. About Chris Robley. Chris Robley has written posts in this blog.

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His music has been praised by NPR, the LA Times, the Boston Globe, and others. Research more than one hundred agents who represent poets, fiction writers, and creative nonfiction writers, plus details about the kinds of books they’re interested in representing, their clients, and the best way to contact them.

They are masters of their daily routines. As an example of what separates successful people from the rest of the pack, take a look at some of the daily routines of famous writers from past and present. Forget “under 30” or even “under 40” lists.

Some of the world's most celebrated writers didn’t hit their literary stride until their mid-forties or later.

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