The choices of an accountant in the accounting field

Internal auditing includes operational effectiveness, accuracy of financial reports, and investigating fraud.

The choices of an accountant in the accounting field

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Small businesses are often required to submit audited financial statements to investors to obtain financing and help accelerate the growth of a company. Two reports issued are an opinion letter and a management letter.

1. Introduction. Auditing is valued for its ability to provide independent assurance of the credibility of accounting information, which improves resource allocation and contracting efficiency. A top bachelor’s degree in accounting can open doors for a multitude of diverse career options. Graduates with an accounting degree can also look forward to higher than average field growth rates and salaries, which makes this degree an excellent return on its investment. And some universities and colleges offer a five-year combined bachelor's and master's degree program, which is a smart choice for students hoping to take the Certified Public Accountant exam/

These letters are required by accounting standards and help provide investors with an overall picture of the operations of an organization. The opinion letter, otherwise known as the independent auditors report, states whether the financial statements are presented in accordance with accounting principles accepted in the United States.

The report is presented to investors to assure them that amounts are accurate and are correctly classified.

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A common comment identified in an internal control letter is a lack of separation of duties. This comment indicates that during a financial statement audit, an auditor identified job duties that should be separated between two or more individuals or departments, but were not.

The choices of an accountant in the accounting field

Features An independent auditor's report provides one of four opinions as a result of a financial statement audit. The opinions issued are unqualified, qualified, adverse and disclaimer of opinion.

Accountants, an unqualified opinion has no reservations concerning the financial statements. This is also known as a clean opinion meaning that the financial statements appear to be presented in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles GAAP.

The other three opinions are less favorable. This letter identifies problems and may include recommendations from auditors as how to improve the weakness or deficiency.

Significance The letters are important because they are submitted to outside parties, such as bankers and regulatory agencies,and are often the deciding factor as to whether an entity receives financing.

Ultimately, negative comments deter potential business partners from engaging in future partnerships. Considerations Financial statement audits and the resulting auditor's reports and internal control letters require major resources of an organization. To obtain these reports, entities sacrifice employee time and monetary resources.

To ensure the reports and additional expenses have a positive affect, provide employees with the proper training to report all transactions in accordance with GAAP.An accounting as an information system (AIS) is a system of collecting, storing and processing financial and accounting data that are used by decision accounting information system is generally a computer-based method for tracking accounting activity in .

Business fuels the engine of global commerce, and accounting is commonly called the “language of business.” To be a successful communicator in any field, one must speak the language of that discipline.

Online master’s in accounting programs can set graduates up for a wide array of career choices, including tax auditing, corporate management, financial information systems, investigative or forensic accounting, and more.

The choices of an accountant in the accounting field

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