Technology innovation digital pen

Digital pens have been around for years, but many are for general note taking and tend to be confusing.

Technology innovation digital pen


Share Tweet Advertisement We have compiled a list of some of the most creative and innovative pens out there. Check out the list and let us know what you think of them. Color Picker Pen This concept pen has been designed by Jinsu Park and lets users scan any color from the environment and then make use of it for drawing purposes.

Inka Compact Pen The amazing pen has been created from high-strength aerospace-grade material and owing to the pressurized ink cartridge is able to write on all surface; dry or wet, any angle, any temperature and at any altitude.

Feather Pen Vivien Muller has designed this stylish and amazing fountain pen. Evo Pen This pen has been shaped ergonomically and can provide relief from pain that is associated to arthritis, carpal tunnel etc.

Technology innovation digital pen

Lipstick Pen Amazing lipstick can double up as a pen when you need it to be! Laser Pen Just a conventional ballpoint pen that has been combined with a laser pointer for presentation and other office needs.

Inkless Pen This pen without any ink is capable of leaving a mark on almost all types of paper. The mark that it leaves is similar to that of a pencil.

Cramp Free Pen This pen has been created using sturdy aluminum and features rubber grips on three sides for your index finger and thumb to ensure that you can write reliably in a smooth way without hand cramps. Cigarette Pen Wow, looks quite real!

Whatever you write on a flat surface using the pen, it is saved on the USB drive. Ruler Pen This pen has been designed by ShiKai Tseng and features a ruler markings on one of the edges on cap.Pens Are Making a High-Tech Comeback.

Surface CEO of digital-pen-maker Livescribe. "We're in the phase where technology is learning to adapt to you as a human being.

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"We're in the phase. The Mobile Notes Pro Digital Pen uses infrared and ultrasound technology to send messages to and from its sensors, entrenched on the pen’s tip.

This communication is enabled by a positional receiver that clips to the top of any standard-sized piece of paper. The Pen is a creative tool with endless possibilities to inspire innovation and creation: Use the Pen to draw, write, and design on any Anoto Live™ Surface.

- With real ink, you can draw on Paper. - Draw with a Pen nib on Devices, Displays, or Walls. - Your images will be automatically digitized for you to save, collaborate, design, and showcase.

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Jan 20,  · Ruler and pen in one designed by ShiKai Tseng. The cap is printed with ruler markings on one of the edges.

Epos digital pen and USB drive work together, you write with the pen on a flat surface, and everything you write is saved on the USB drive.

Made of sturdy aluminum, this ergonomic pen . The jump from recent previous technologies to those used inside the digital pen is relatively small, hence, the digital pen is an example of incremental innovation.

Using Technology S-Curves, Assess The Stage of Technology Evolution. figure Current News & Events. CIT offers full-time, part-time and specialist courses in Art, Business and Humanities, Computing and Information Technology, Engineering, Media, .

Technology innovation digital pen
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