Skillpath business writing basics for professionals

SkillPath Seminars develops and presents a wide variety of one and two-day public seminars on business management, personal growth and development and technical skill topics under the SkillPath and CompuMaster names throughout the U.

Skillpath business writing basics for professionals

Gain dozens of field-tested strategies relied on by today's most effective business writers.

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Transforming a blank page into a bold message Freewriting: What it is and how to use it to produce a great first draft in half the time Are your paragraphs in a confusing, illogical order?

Making the right choice between confusing words like these just became a whole lot easier! When it's okay to bend the "rules" to make your point clearly Are abbreviations and acronyms really proper in business writing? This insight will shed light on the issue The unwritten rules about the appropriate and inappropriate use of jargon BONUS: A handy reference list of conjugations for irregular verbs!

Writing the Basic Business Letter

Avoiding embarrassing mistakes Can't remember if the punctuation goes inside or outside the quotation marks? Here's how to avoid this pitfall Follow this widely accepted guideline for when to spell out numbers and when to use figures Avoid these blunders when using apostrophes—they scream "Rookie! These tips will eliminate any question A refreshing overview of how to use punctuation marks correctly every time Your guide to international correspondence—follow this to the letter to ensure you put your best foot forward Spelling every word correctly every time An intriguing spelling technique that many national spelling champs secretly rely on How to stop having to look up the same word in the dictionary over and over Prefixes and suffixes made easy How to take the confusion out of pluralizing letters, abbreviations and numbers DANGER: If you think your spell-checker takes the place of the human eye, you're asking for trouble Day Two: How to choose a style manual that works for your organization Just released!

Straight from the mouths of direct mail pros: Catching typographical errors—yes, it's tricky, but these tips will help shine the spotlight on them Keep your sanity with this proofreader's checklist that ensures perfection down to the very last detail Proofreading a foreign language?

Here are helpful rules that will calm your nerves How to do a final "sanity check" before your document goes out the door so you can sleep like a baby that night Editing techniques that will work miracles on your document.One of SkillPath’s most popular courses, this valuable learning opportunity is designed to provide its audience with the technical skills and expert tips necessary for presenting a polished, professional communications image.

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Who Should Attend Business Professionals Additional Information. Training Provider: SkillPath Seminars Course Topics: Business Skills Training > Writing Skills Training Course Summary: Find out just how easy it is to get started, organize your thoughts and present your messages in ways that achieve the positive results you want.

Business Communication Style Guide: The Practical Guide to Clarity, Readability and Correctness in Business Writing - 2nd Edition by Michelle Fairfield Poley and Dusty Top Career Tips From SkillPath's Training Insider Blog by Cameron Bishop and Daniel IMDbPro Get Info Entertainment Professionals Need: Shop Online.

skillpath business writing basics for professionals
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