Second language essay

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Second language essay

Followers English as a Second Language Introduction: English is an international language. Today, it has become a media for linking oneself with international communication channels and moving through information highways. Even the teaching and learning of English has already taken a stable place in the education system of Bangladesh.

Second language essay

In the changing global circumstances, it is assumed that in future English will claim even more attention in our national level of education. Present state and status of English in Bangladesh: In the constitution of Bangladesh, Bangla is declared as state language and there is no mention regarding the status that is to be given to English.

During Pakistan period, English enjoyed the status of official language in this territory. It was used in the administration, higher education and as a link language between educated speakers of Bengali and Urdu. Now in Bangladesh, English is taught as a foreign language in the curriculum.

Sinceit is introduced as a compulsory subject and remains so until 14th grade in the national curriculum. Outside the government funded institutions, there are innumerable language centers, English medium schools and a good number of private universities who teach English according to their own curriculum and syllabuses.

At present, there are no training institutes exclusively for English teachers in Bangladesh. The usually followed methodology for classroom language teaching is Grammar-Translation method. In the examination system ranging from primary to tertiary level, the topics of prime focus usually include questions based on prose and poetry, grammar items, reading comprehension, translation, paragraph writing, letter writing and composition writing.

Besides, the evaluation of the contents of English text books shows mat students' ability of communication through language is given secondaryconsideration whereas thematic or knowledge of society is given the primary consideration.

As a result, students are often deprived of the varieties of language inputs necessary for their everyday life of communication. Moreover, the students listening and writing skills are not at all measured in our testing system.

Second language essay

However, communicative system has been introduced at secondary and higher secondary levels. As for classroom teaching methodology, most of the language teachers come without a background in ELT or any practical training in the field. Among the universities, Dhaka University, at present, offers only a one year course titled 'Applied linguistics and ELT' at the masters level.

Need for learning English: In present world, English is not just a language rather it acts as indispensable resource for the countries. Because, 1 First, English as a international language is essential and common language III' international communication.

It provides a common means of expressing Views and voices of the people all over the world. Thus, it is more essential I for the people of a country like ours as large number of our youths are not lihli1 to compete in this competitive world. Second, unemployment is one of the greatest problems of our country.

A large number of our educated youths are unemployed. However, they are not fit for competing in international job market. One of their incompetence in this regard is lack of proficiency in English. Because, those who have the proper knowledge of English language and communication skills, can easily move throughout the world and maintain a suitable job.

Third, the modern age is the age of science and technology. Almost all the technological and scientific terms and versions are in English. Hence, those have no proper knowledge of English language, they cannot acquire the knowledge of science and technology. So, for a country like ours, where the level of scientific and technological development is at the bottom line, the fleet!

Even technologically developed countries like Japan have also made English the second language. Fourth, against the down fall of our garments sector, the most foreign exchange earner, government should look for other options. In this regard remittance is the second largest sector earning foreign exchanges.Second Language Research is an international peer-reviewed, quarterly journal, publishing original theory-driven research concerned with second language acquisition and second language performance.

This includes both experimental studies and contributions aimed at exploring conceptual issues. Second language acquisition essay newspaper. Essay what is management environment write a quote essay x.

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so one of the most important reasons to study and learn a second language is obviously because it connects people, they connect us not only in a. Second Language Essay. 0. Free Essays. There is no best way to master a second language in a day but there is an effective way to acquire it.

That is the reason why a teacher’s role is so important, especially for the second language learners. There are many theories and hypotheses experimented and claimed by many scholars, but among many. The United States of America is a great country because it strives in giving its citizens many opportunities.

However, there is one aspect of American life that is clearly underdeveloped and lacking: language. Theories in second language acquisition: an introduction.

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