Quality of good boss

Overview In the workplace, supervisors usually manage multiple employees, each with a different personality and behavioral construct. Individual differences may affect the expectations employees have of the boss.

Quality of good boss

Alison and her family live in East Vancouver. Andrea Gutierrez Director of Operations, Ecojustice Andrea is an instinctively positive, process-oriented, strategic thinker who believes in the people side of business. Her background includes experience in Human Resources, and she is currently the Director of Operations for Ecojustice where she oversees HR, IT, support staff, office management, and facilities.

Her focus is to ensure that Ecojustice has the best possible tools, training, and support to build the case for a better earth. He helps workplace leaders deal with collaboration and conflict management challenges; through 1: As a volunteer, he facilitates a family caregiver support group, co-chairs his neighbourhood land-use development committee, and is an advisor on international projects with the not-for-profit, the Canadian Executive Service Organization.

Dara volunteers on the Board of Pivot Legal Society, tackling the root causes of poverty and social exclusion across Canada. She is also the co-founder of Lezervations, a not-for-profit facilitating networking events for queer and trans women.

When Dara is not working, she is a mediocre volleyball player. He has over 35 years of not-for-profit board experience — mostly in the role of Treasurer. He currently sits on three boards. Jasonda Desmond Head of Customer Experience, Keela As the Head of Customer Experience at Keela, Jasonda spends her time talking to not-for-profits, supporting them to level up their impact with technology.

Quality of good boss

With years of experience in customer success in the tech world, she has been able to empower small not-for-profits with her mix of empathy and expertise. Kawkab is a values-based co-operative leader with over 25 years in the insurance industry and she is passionate about leading and advocating for values-based organizations to ensure their financial sustainability to positively impact society and the environment.

He has worked his entire career for and with Indigenous people.

He offers practical insights and tools to working with Indigenous people and organizations. Kyla Nicholson Senior Consultant, LoganHR Consulting Kyla brings experience working with clients in private, public, and not-for-profit sectors to design and facilitate organizational learning, performance programs and employee engagement initiatives.

She focuses her approach on translating complex solutions into practical systems and tools that support individuals and teams to contribute to organizational success. Marie-Helene Pelletier Inc Dr. Marie-Helene is a director on the board of International Association of Applied Psychology and past director on the board of the Canadian Psychological Association.

She has authored a number of industry and academic publications and was won numerous academic and industry awards, including the Industry Leadership Award from Benefits Canada.

Mark excels at assessing governance structures and finding democratic solutions to organizational challenges. At Vantage Point, Mark can be found facilitating new and seasoned not-for-profits at various stages in their organizational life cycle.

Mark has served as a volunteer, association founder, and an executive director, and has led fundraising, strategic planning, and program development efforts in the sport sector for over 14 years.

She works with charities, not-for-profits, co-operatives, and social enterprises. Mary advises clients on everything from incorporation and applying for charitable status, to amalgamation and winding up.

She has also served on the boards of several charities. Sherry has worked as an advocate for many years using education and culture as tools for community change.

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She works to strengthen the spirit as a way of supporting community healing on inter-generational levels, and to empower individuals through sharing tools to influence change. Sherry has worked in not-for-profit organizations, all levels of government and faith organizations.

Vincent Chow Partner, LoganHR Consulting With a valuable combination of global HR consulting and corporate experience, Vincent is well known for his ability to understand the underlying issues in any situation, and for his straightforward approach to business.

He is a frequent speaker on topics of compensation and performance.A good boss does a great job of communicating, encouraging and supporting employees in their work.

The mentor and coach desired behaviors. If you’re lucky enough to have a boss that you actually want to spend time with after-hours, that’s fantastic! But before you start planning dinner parties and introducing her to your significant other, here's what you should consider.

Darren Dahl is BOSS. Darren Dahl is the Senior Associate Dean – Faculty, Director of the Robert H. Lee Graduate School, and the B.C Council Innovation Professor at the University of British Columbia. His current research interests are in the areas of new product design and development, creativity, consumer product adoption, the role of social influence in consumer behavior, and understanding.

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If you really feel part of the team and know that respect, integrity and trust are actually put into practice, then you have a good boss.

Quality of good boss

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