Pol 443 week 3 individual assignment

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Pol 443 week 3 individual assignment

Representation of Interests Matrix Create a table with two columns. In the first column, list individual interests you have that are affected by public policy decisions made by local, state, and federal government.

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In the second column, draft a corresponding list of the groups or organizations that represent your individual interests. For instance, various professional or trade unions may represent your occupational interests.

A "consumer watchdog" group may represent your interest as a paying customer.


Once the table has been completed, write a word paper that addresses the following questions: How well do the identified groups or organizations represent your interests?

What means do these groups or organizations use to represent your interests? Are there any instances in which your interests compete with one and another?

Are any of your interests protected at the expense of the general public? Utilizing a minimum of three outside sources all of which must be cited appropriatelywrite a word paper that addresses the following points: Is it derived from wealth, influence over information distribution, immediate access to policymakers, or any combination of the above?

What strategies does the selected elite figure use to maintain status and influence? Networking with other elites, business practices, direct political participation? Provide specific examples of how the selected elite figure has influenced public policy.

What were the obstacles?

Pol 443 week 3 individual assignment

How were they overcome? Does your selected elite figure provide an apt example of social mobility? Is the individual a self-made mogul, or was his or her power largely inherited? Do the activities of the elite you selected support how elitist theorists explain wealth and power in America?

Assess whether or not the power wielded by the selected elite figure positively or negatively represents your interests.


Think of someone who you consider to be elite in your local area a mayor, council member, business leader, public personality Why do you consider them an elite? What kind of influence do they have? Do you think that they use their influence for their own gain or for the benefit of the general public?

What danger do they face in possibly losing influence or power? Special Interests Groups and Political Participation Paper Select an instance in which you or an acquaintance have supported or participated in the activity of a special interest group.

In a word paper, address the following questions: What special interest did the group represent, and what were its primary demographic targets? How did the group encourage members to participate in the democratic process?Page 1. Enterasys SecureStack ® ™ Stackable Switches Configuration Guide Firmware Version lausannecongress2018.com P/N Page 3.

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