How to write a medical research literature review

About text formats 3 Answers A research paper is based on original research. The kind of research may vary depending on your field or the topic experiments, survey, interview, questionnaire, etc. The research paper will be based on the analysis and interpretation of this data.

How to write a medical research literature review

When clinicians want to update their knowledge and generate guidelines about a topic, they frequently use reviews as a starting point.

How to write a review article?

The value of a review is associated with what has been done, what has been found and how these findings are presented. The main and fundamental purpose of writing a review is to create a readable synthesis of the best resources available in the literature for an important research question or a current area of research.

Although the idea of writing a review is attractive, it is important to spend time identifying the important questions. Good review methods are critical because they provide an unbiased point of view for the reader regarding the current literature.

There is a consensus that a review should be written in a systematic fashion, a notion that is usually followed. In a systematic review with a focused question, the research methods must be clearly described.

An essential part of the review process is differentiating good research from bad and leaning on the results of the better studies.

The ideal way to synthesize studies is to perform a meta-analysis. In conclusion, when writing a review, it is best to clearly focus on fixed ideas, to use a procedural and critical approach to the literature and to express your findings in an attractive way.

How to write, review, writing The importance of review articles in health sciences is increasing day by day. Clinicians frequently benefit from review articles to update their knowledge in their field of specialization, and use these articles as a starting point for formulating guidelines.

A few studies have evaluated the quality of review articles. Murlow evaluated 50 review articles published inandand revealed that none of them had complied with clear-cut scientific criteria.

Narrative reviews are written in an easily readable format, and allow consideration of the subject matter within a large spectrum. However in a systematic review, a very detailed, and comprehensive literature surveying is performed on the selected topic.

Systematic reviews can be diivded into qualitative, and quantitative reviews. In both of them detailed literature surveying is performed.

However in quantitative reviews, study data are collected, and statistically evaluated ie.

how to write a medical research literature review

The fundamental rationale of writing a review article is to make a readable synthesis of the best literature sources on an important research inquiry or a topic. This simple definition of a review article contains the following key elements: The question s to be dealt with Methods used to find out, and select the best quality researches so as to respond to these questions.

To synthetize available, but quite different researches For the specification of important questions to be answered, number of literature references to be consulted should be more or less determined.

Discussions should be conducted with colleagues in the same area of interest, and time should be reserved for the solution of the problem s. It will be reasonable to fulfill the requirements of these items during preparation of a review article or a meta-analysis.

Thus preparation of a comprehensible article with a high-quality scientific content can be feasible.The Critical Literature Review Q: What is a literature review?

Stated most simply, it is an overview of published and unpublished materials which help Remember, the literature review is part of the research process. Like data collection and analysis, it should be systematic and thorough.

The literature review needs to critically examine the texts that relate to your research question, rather than to just list what you have located. Therefore, you must link the literature to your research question, demonstrating how it supports or extends the topic or the existing knowledge in the area.

What is the Literature Review. A literature review IS. A select list of available resources and materials with a strong relation to the topic in question, accompanied by a description AND a critical evaluation and comparative analysis of each work.

The literature review is not merely a list of every item and resource with any possible relation to your topic, no matter how tenuous. Writing an Abstract for Literature Review.

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Before a researcher or an academic writer starts to become familiar with how to write an abstract for literature review, one should first be familiar with what exactly qualifies as a Literature Review..

While writing a research paper or dissertation, the literature review is the portion where you brief the guidance counselor – also referred to as a. Sep 25,  · A literature review is a structured account of a topic area that lays the foundation for a research effort.

It must be comprehensive, current and lucid. Nursing literature reviews aim to evaluate critically the sources that a writer used to conduct nursing research.

Perhaps it sounds a bit challenging, but possible, especially with our help.

how to write a medical research literature review

So, follow the guidelines presented below in order to make a good nursing literature review.

Literature Review Outline: What You Need to Get Started