Extraction of eugenol essay

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Extraction of eugenol essay

In fact the distinct flavors and aromas of many fruits and their flowers are the result of this functional group, or a combination of compounds with this functional group. Because of the distinctive aromatic properties of the esters, they make an excellent choice for the additive flavors in many commercial food and beverage products Amirhossein et.

Esters can be synthesized in the lab through a process called esterification, which refers to the reaction of an alcohol and a carboxylic acid under reflux conditions with the addition of an acid catalyst Fischer, Craig In the present experiment, isopentyl acetate commonly referred to as banana oil for its comparable scent to the fruit, is synthesized via this process of esterification.

The mechanism proceeds Figure 1: The mechanism involves a series of steps including protonation, nucleophilic attack, proton transfer, dehydration, and finally dehydrogenation. Each step of the mechanism is reversible and therefore the reaction reaches an equilibrium that leans heavily in favor of the reactants.

In order to create a sufficient amount of product, an excess of acetic acid must be used, as it is more easily removed from the reaction mixture through extraction using sodium bicarbonate and water.

Finally, the ester must be further purified following drying using anhydrous sodium sulfate, by simple distillation. The product can then be weighed, and percentage recovery can be determined. Materials and Methods Figure2: Standard Reflux Apparatus www.

Using a pre-weighed graduated cylinder, approximately 5.

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Then, using the same unwashed graduated cylinder, approximately 7. The graduated cylinder was kept unwashed as to ensure the transfer of as much isopentyl-alcohol as possible. Finally, to complete the mixture, approximately 1-mL of concentrated sulfuric acid Fisher Scietific Lotassay This was then immediately mixed by swirling as to ensure full exposure of the acid catalyst to the carboxylic acid for protontion.

Lastly, a corundum boiling stone Chemware PTFE Lot was added to the mixture and the flask was reconnected to the apparatus. A carborundum boiling stone, made of Teflon was chosen because it can withstand the acidity of the mixture, unlike other materials such as calcium carbonate which readily dissolves in the acidic liquid.

The purpose of this procedure is to form products without losing the components of the reaction mixture.

Extraction of eugenol essay

This accomplished by bringing the reaction mixture to its boiling point, causing a greater number of molecular interactions and thus forming products.

The compounds of the reaction flask are not lost to evaporation because a cool water condenser is placed vertically above the boiling flask which cools the volatile vapors, condensing them back into the reaction flask Pavia, et al.

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Isolation of Eugenol from Cloves Academic Essay | Write My Essay

May 07,  · Appropriate Pre- and Post-Extraction Protocols When Surgical Intervention is Necessary The decision to pull a tooth is a very important and .

Home» Extraction of Essential Oils from the Cloves Essay Examples & Outline. Extraction of Essential Oils from the Cloves. Objective. The main ingredient found in the essential oil extracted from the cloves is Eugenol.

Eugenol has many applications, ranging from perfumery to the manufacture of synthetic vanillin, from dental. Essay about Extraction of Eugenol from Cloves Oil Words | 4 Pages.

Acetyleugenol (Clove Oil) from Cloves Purpose In this experiment, you will obtain the essential oil from cloves by steam distillation.

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Extraction of Eugenol from Cloves Oil Isolation of Acetyleugenol (Clove Oil) from Cloves Purpose In this experiment, you will obtain the essential oil from cloves by steam distillation. You will then separate a component (acetyleugenol) from the oil by liquid-liquid extraction.

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Steam Distillation of Eugenol Essay Example for Free