Diary of a part time indian

See Article History Alternative Titles: Sherman Joseph Alexie, Jr. He suffered from congenital hydrocephalus and underwent surgery when he was six months old. Though the procedure did not affect his ability to learn, he suffered harsh side effects, including seizures, in his childhood.

Diary of a part time indian

Diary of a part time indian

When soldiers of the Bengal army mutinied in Meerut on May 10,tension had been growing for some time. The immediate cause of military disaffection was the deployment of the new breech-loading Enfield rifle, the cartridge of which… Background To regard the rebellion merely as a sepoy mutiny is to underestimate the root causes leading to it.

The British increasingly used a variety of tactics to usurp control of the Hindu princely states that were under what were called subsidiary alliances with the British.

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Everywhere the old Indian aristocracy was being replaced by British officials. One notable British technique was called the doctrine of lapsefirst perpetrated by Lord Dalhousie in the late s. It involved the British prohibiting a Hindu ruler without a natural heir from adopting a successor and, after the ruler died or abdicatedannexing his land.

To those problems may be added the growing discontent of the Brahmansmany of whom had been dispossessed of their revenues or had lost lucrative positions. Another serious concern was the increasing pace of Westernizationby which Hindu society was being affected by the introduction of Western ideas.

Missionaries were challenging the religious beliefs of the Hindus. The humanitarian movement led to reforms that went deeper than the political superstructure. During his tenure as governor-general of India —56Lord Dalhousie made efforts toward emancipating women and had introduced a bill to remove all legal obstacles to the remarriage of Hindu widows.

Converts to Christianity were to share with their Hindu relatives in the property of the family estate. There was a widespread belief that the British aimed at breaking down the caste system.

The introduction of Western methods of education was a direct challenge to orthodoxy, both Hindu and Muslim. The mutiny broke out in the Bengal army because it was only in the military sphere that Indians were organized.

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The pretext for revolt was the introduction of the new Enfield rifle. To load it, the sepoys had to bite off the ends of lubricated cartridges.

There is no conclusive evidence that either of these materials was actually used on any of the cartridges in question. However, the perception that the cartridges were tainted added to the larger suspicion that the British were trying to undermine Indian traditional society.

For their part, the British did not pay enough attention to the growing level of sepoy discontent. The rebellion In late March a sepoy named Mangal Pandey attacked British officers at the military garrison in Barrackpore.

He was arrested and then executed by the British in early April. Later in April sepoy troopers at Meerut refused the Enfield cartridges, and, as punishment, they were given long prison terms, fettered, and put in jail.

This punishment incensed their comrades, who rose on May 10, shot their British officers, and marched to Delhiwhere there were no European troops. The seizure of Delhi provided a focus and set the pattern for the whole mutiny, which then spread throughout northern India.

With the exception of the Mughal emperor and his sons and Nana Sahibthe adopted son of the deposed Maratha peshwa, none of the important Indian princes joined the mutineers.

Peace was officially declared on July 8, Sherman Alexie, in full Sherman Joseph Alexie, Jr., (born October 7, , Wellpinit, Spokane Indian Reservation, near Spokane, Washington, U.S.), Native American writer whose poetry, short stories, novels, and films about the lives of American Indians won him an international following..

Alexie was born to Salish Indians—a Coeur d’Alene father and a Spokane mother.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian Summary

On a day to day basis, I try not to overeat. You know, be conscious of what I’m eating and all that jazz. For the most part, I do alright.

But then I have those moments where I lapse. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a humours yet insightful book written by Sherman Alexie. The book is about a tale of a hydrocephalic Indian named Arnold Spirit (usually called Junior), living in an impoverished Indian reservation.

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