Diary entry

Write as if the events you are describing have just happened — most people write their diary at night just before they go to bed, looking back at the events of the day gone by.

Diary entry

Cholmly come to me by appointment, he being newly come over from Tangier. He did by and by come, and we settled all matters about his money, and he is a most satisfied man in me, and do declare his resolution to give me per annum.

I brought him and had a good dinner for him, and there come by chance Captain Cuttancewho tells me how W.

Diary entry

I sent for little Mrs. Frances Tookerand after they were gone I sat dallying with her an hour, doing what I would with my hands about her. And a very pretty creature it is.

So in the evening to the officewhere Diary entry writing letters, and at my lodging later writing for the last twelve days my Journall and so to bed. Great expectation what mischief more the French will do us, for we must fall out.

We in extraordinary lacke of money and everything else to go to sea next year. My Lord Sandwich is gone from the fleete yesterday toward Oxford. I heard this day that Mr. Harrington is not dead of the plagueas we believed, at which I was very glad, but most of all, to hear that the plague is come very low; that is, the whole under 1, and the plague and odd: This day the first of the Oxford Gazettes come out, which is very pretty, full of newes, and no folly in it.

Hater with me, and there spent the evening till midnight discoursing and settling of our Victualling business, that thereby I might draw up instructions for the Surveyours and that we might be doing something to earne our money. This done I late to bed. Among other things it pleased me to have it demonstrated, that a Purser without professed cheating is a professed loser, twice as much as he gets.

Tuesday 21 November Up, and to the officewhere all the morning doing business, and at noon home to dinner and quickly back again to the office, where very busy all the evening and late sent a long discourse to Mr. Coventry by his desire about the regulating of the method of our payment of bills in the Navy, which will be very good, though, it may be, he did ayme principally at striking at Sir G.

So weary but pleased with this business being over I home to supper and to bed. Monday 20 November Up before day, and wrote some letters to go to my Lordamong others that about W.

Howewhich I believe will turn him out, and so took horse for Nonesuchwith two men with me, and the ways very bad, and the weather worse, for wind and rayne.

But we got in good time thither, and I did get my tallys got ready, and thence, with as many as could go, to Yowelland there dined very well, and I saw my Besse, a very well-favoured country lass there, and after being very merry and having spent a piece I took horse, and by another way met with a very good road, but it rained hard and blew, but got home very well.

Here I find Mr. Deering come to trouble me about business, which I soon dispatched and parted, he telling me that Luellin hath been dead this fortnight, of the plaguein St. Up, and after being trimmed, alone by water to Erithall the way with my song book singing of Mr.

Being come there, on board my Lord BrunckerI find Captain Cocke and other company, the lady not well, and mighty merry we were; Sir Edmund Pooly being very merry, and a right English gentleman, and one of the discontented Cavaliersthat think their loyalty is not considered.

After dinner, all on shore to my Lady Williamsand there drank and talked; but, Lord! I did give her an account again of my business with my Lord touching W. Howeand she did give me some more information about it, and examination taken about it, and so we parted and I took boat, and to Woolwichwhere we found my wife not well of them, and I out of humour begun to dislike her paynting, the last things not pleasing me so well as the former, but I blame myself for my being so little complaisant.

So without eating or drinking, there being no wine which vexed me toowe walked with a lanthorne to Greenwich and eat something at his house, and so home to bed. Saturday 18 November About nine of the clock, I went on shore, there calling by the way only to look upon my Lord Bruncker to give Mrs.

Williams an account of her matters, and so hired an ill-favoured horse, and away to Greenwich to my lodgingswhere I hear how rude the souldiers have been in my absence, swearing what they would do with me, which troubled me, but, however, after eating a bit I to the office and there very late writing letters, and so home and to bed.

Friday 17 November [Continued from yesterday. And after some little discourse, he and I on board Sir W. Pen did give us a very good and neat dinner, and better, I think, than ever I did see at his owne house at home in my life, and so was the other I eat with him.

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After dinner much talke, and about other things, he and I about his money for his prize goodswherein I did give him a cool answer, but so as we did not disagree in words much, and so let that fall, and so followed my Lord Sandwich, who was gone a little before me on board the Royall James.

And there spent an houre, my Lord playing upon the gittarrwhich he now commends above all musique in the world, because it is base enough for a single voice, and is so portable and manageable without much trouble.

That being done, I got my Lord to be alone, and so I fell to acquaint him with W. But though I was not at all displeased with it, yet I prayed him to forbear doing anything therein till he heard from me again about it, and I had made more enquiry into the truth of it, which he agreed to.

Then we fell to publique discourse, wherein was principally this: I shewed him how advisable it were upon almost any terms for him to get quite off the sea employment.Feb 15,  · A diary entry is defined with the proper mentioning of date and the time on the top left or right corner of the page before starting.

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Then if you want to give in a heading, you can use “ “ inverted comas to justify the heading. Sample Diary Entries. March 3, Dear Diary, I’m so upset!! I don’t even know where to begin!

To start off, I think I completely failed my geometry quiz, which I know I should’ve studied more for my dad’s not gonna be happy about that.

Diary Entry Quotes.

Diary entry

Quotes tagged as "diary-entry" (showing of 30) “I am lonely, yet not everybody will do. I don't know why, some people fill the gaps and others emphasize my loneliness.

In reality those who satisfy me are those who simply allow me to live with my ''idea of them.”. Diary entry thoroughly focuses on character's feelings regarding the events they are involved in.

4 Diary entry clearly focuses on character's feelings regarding the events they are involved in. diary entry writing frame template instructions guide, diary entry writing frame template service manual guide and maintenance manual guide on your products.

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