Define cross contamination

Cross contamination refers to the mixing of raw food such as meat with cooked food which causes bacteria to spread between the two. This is an ideal way for harmful bacteria to spread into the human food chain and cause food poisoning. So what do you need to know about cross contamination in regard to preventing food poisoning?

Define cross contamination

For other uses, see Contamination disambiguation. Contamination is the presence of an unwanted constituent, contaminant or impurity in a material, physical bodynatural environmentworkplaceetc.

Contaminants are biological, chemical, physical or radiological substance. Sciences[ edit ] "Contamination" has also more specific meanings in science: In chemistrythe term usually describes a single constituent, but in specialized fields the term can also mean chemical mixtures, even up to the level of cellular materials.

All chemicals contain some level of impurity.

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Contamination may be recognized or not and may become an issue if the impure chemical is mixed with other chemicals or mixtures and causes additional chemical reactions.

If the additional reactions are detrimental, other terms are often applied such as toxin Define cross contamination, poison or pollutantdepending on the type of molecule involved. A major fraction of chemistry is involved with identifying, isolating, and studying contaminants. In environmental chemistry the term is in some cases virtually equivalent to pollutionwhere the main interest is the harm done on a large scale to humans or to organisms or environments that are important to humans.

In radiation protection the radioactive contamination is radioactive substances on surfaces, or within solids, liquids or gases including the human bodywhere their presence is unintended or undesirable, or the process giving rise to their presence in such places.

Contamination may include residual radioactive material remaining at a site after the completion of decommissioning of a site where there was a nuclear reactorsuch as a power plantexperimental reactorisotope reactor or a nuclear powered ship or submarine.

The term radioactive contamination may have a connotation that is not intended.

Define cross contamination

The term refers only to the presence of radioactivityand gives no indication of the magnitude of the hazard involved.

In organic agriculture contamination with genetically modified organisms GMOs has been a cause for decertification of a farm.

In forensic sciencea contaminant can be fingerprintshairskin or DNA from first responders or from sources not related to the ongoing investigation, such as family members or friends of the victim who are not suspects.

In the biological sciencesaccidental introduction of "foreign" material 'contamination' can seriously distort the results of experiments where small samples are used. In cases where the contaminant is a living microorganismit can often multiply and take over the experiment, especially cultures, and render them useless.

In geology and especially geochemistryit can have similar effects where even a few grains of "modern" dust can distort results of sophisticated experiments. Journal of Organic Systems, 9 1pp.This video covers cross contamination in detail including workplace hygiene, hand washing, raw food, pets and waste.

The video above is an extract from the AIFS Food Safety Supervisor course, please visit the course page for more information.

Define cross contamination

Definition of contamination the act of contaminating or polluting; including (either intentionally or accidentally) unwanted substances or factors the state of being contaminated.

The three cross-contamination issues are: The gloved hand may contaminate the surface/item touched. If only one glove is removed, the ungloved hand cannot be effectively washed, thus further spreading contamination. Times, Sunday Times () The tricky task now is to use a food contamination scandal to improve the way the company deals with its suppliers.

Times, Sunday Times () There were obvious risks and judges in similar circumstances had to be aware of that and . “Cross pollination” is the accurate, unemotional, term for this process. GMO crops participate in cross pollination in exactly the same way that non-GMO plants do and always have.

May 26,  · Cross contamination can also occur from incorrectly storing raw food in the fridge. If raw food is placed in direct contact with ready to eat foods, or if raw meat juices drip onto cooked foods, fruit and other ready to eat food, cross contamination can occur.

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