Cashiers put on timer

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Cashiers put on timer

Jun 6, 1 Advertisement I recently got a job a couple months ago.

Cashiers put on timer

As a Walmart cashier. I need some money saved up so I'm not totally screwed when I start college, so I had to get a job.

And, as with any job, it's not perfect. It is Walmart after all. But some people do things so dumb that I really have to stop myself from disobeying the "customer is always right" line that seems to accompany every customer service job in the industry.

If you do any of these things, for the love of God, stop doing them. Why are you on the phone? You're supposed to be paying attention in case I have any questions to ask do you want this bagged? What's that important that you can't wait a couple minutes to call them?

Sure, some people say "I'll call you back" but many don't! And sometimes if I'm talking to another customer like say they want something bagged in a special way or something I can't hear what they're saying because the fucker on the phone is too loud and is drowning out the other customer. Baskets are more common, but yes, people have left their carts next to my aisle.

What do you expect me to do? I have to check other people out! I can't put your cart back for you.

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Put it back where you found it! Is it that fucking hard of a concept?! Do you think since the transaction is over you can just be a douchebag because, well, fuck the store, you already got your shit, why not just leave without putting your cart or basket away?

This has only happened once so far. A woman bought some things but her card didn't have enough debit and she was already near her credit limit so that couldn't be used either.

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So she said "the only thing I need here is my allergy medication, I'll come back for the other stuff another time". So I did the transaction, and then she started walking away, I assumed maybe to get someone so I didn't say anything.

But then she kept walking. You can't put your shit back? Do you expect me to do it? That's not part of my job description. Because if you can't pay we expect YOU to put it back.

You can't just tell the store to fuck off because you got what you wanted. So a few times I've done a transaction, and I've noticed milk all over everything.

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One of the gallons has a leak in it. Do you know what milk smells like when it sits for awhile?

Cashiers put on timer

So for the rest of my shift my aisle smells like partially bad milk, because even if I clean it up, the smell is still there.

Now, this is more of a moral anger, and not really a requirement, but for the month of May, Walmart does the whole "would you like to donate to the Children's Miracle Network? You've probably heard a cashier say that.Rely on UPS to collect payment for your shipment at the time of delivery Description UPS will attempt to collect the amount shown on the C.O.D.

tag or package label, and then send the payment to you.

I deposited a cashiers check into my account a few days ago and USAA put a hold on it for up to 7 business days. This is a little ridiculous. From what I understand and have read, if a cashiers check is less than $, and this one that I deposited was, it should be available immediately. Oct 14,  · A cashier's check is a check issued by a bank. They usually clear by the next business day, but many financial institutions put holds on checks worth more than $5, USD because of an increase in fraud, requiring the recipient to wait up to two weeks for payment. By the time the seller knows that the note is fake, he usually. A: We cash many kinds of checks: personal checks, computer and handwritten payroll checks, insurance checks, cashier's checks, and government checks. We also cash money orders, traveler's checks, and out-of-state and international checks.

Switch off the lights when not in use and when leaving the room. Use low energy lamps for exterior lighting with timer or light sensor for switching. When you set a closing date and communicate that with your lender, you probably assume they will let you know in plenty of time if there are problems with meeting that deadline.

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You would be wrong. Understand that in a hot real estate buying or refinancing market, lenders can be inundated. A: We cash many kinds of checks: personal checks, computer and handwritten payroll checks, insurance checks, cashier's checks, and government checks. We also cash money orders, traveler's checks, and out-of-state and international checks.

Why are banks cashiers checks only valid for half that time? I know they do not expire or become stale dated.

The bank issues these checks based on good and valid funds in their bank and usually do not print an expiration date on them. Cashiers Check Limitations Posted by Richard Horgan in Cashier's Checks While cashier’s checks generally have day expiration dates, there is theoretically no limit to .

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