Case 6 19 the case of the

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Case 6 19 the case of the

Peterson's all-important appeal was to have been filed by September 12, but defender, Thomas Maher, missed the deadline. Apparently he claimed he needed more time because the case was just too complex. The State Court of Appeals granted Maher more time, and by pure coincidence, the new filing deadline was set for October Of course, the date has special significance to this case -- October 10, was the day jurors returned a verdict declaring the novelist guilty of the first degree murder of Kathleen Hunt Atwater Peterson.

Maher's last-minute excuses are lame. An hour after the verdict, he and a red-faced David Rudolf angrily vowed to launch an appeal. They've had fully two years to prepare.

True, the official transcript took a while, but the entire trial was televised, videotaped and committed to film by a French production company.

Case 6 19 the case of the

Considering that their oh-so innocent client has been wasting away in a prison cell all this time, desperately waiting on a decision about his appeal, why would Camp Peterson suddenly claim things were so complex and demand yet more time? For those who followed the case, nothing about it was complex.

In fact, it was horribly plain and simple: Peterson brutally beat his wife to death and left her battered corpse at the bottom of a blood-drenched staircase. Kathleen Peterson's autopsy revealed a shocking matrix of injuries and wounds, including seven skull-deep lacerations on the back of her head and a neck fracture.

As the only person who was with Mrs. Peterson the night she was killed, investigators turned to Mr. Peterson for answers, but other than to say his wife fell down the stairs, Mike had no explanation. Juror, Paul Harrison didn't find the case to be so very complex. He told reporters, "On the first day when we voted, on one element, it was unanimous.

It was not a fall. It was definitely a homicide. What was complex was the fictional world of blissful soulmates and horrible but purely coincidental twin homicides. On October 10,David Rudolf defiantly remarked, "I don't think you can call a guilty verdict anything other than a defeat.

But it's not a final defeat. No decision on the appeal is expected until some time in Surely Maher knows he'll have no luck appealing testimony about Peterson's male hookers and previous staircase murders, since those issues only came in to refute the defense's case of an ideal couple and an innocent accident.

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Case 6 19 the case of the

Betty Jones was killed and Kathryn Crigler was assaulted and left for dead after answering a knock at the door. Sky said the series will present new discoveries and “ground-breaking revelations that challenge the state’s case.” “We’ll be offering viewers a compelling window into one of the most.

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